Vita-Mortem RPG

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We aim to maximize the performance of our server to best serve our players. That is why we are now running on Paper 1.19.2, one of the most efficient server types. If you ever have a problem with lag let staff know!


The Vita-Mortem staff team are friendly, dedicated, and always online to help everything run smoothly. Have any questions? Feel free to message them in-game or with the email below.


Vita-Mortem has an advanced API that will automatically notify players of any problems. Vita-Mortem uses many external elements to free up the load on our home server. You can view our API from the URL below.

Recent News 

Vita-Mortem is Under Development!

We are coming soon! Our server, Website, and API are currently being developed. Please give us time to create for you an awesome experience jam-packed with countless features...

Here at Vita-Mortem we are recreating the Minecraft experience, but that takes time. Please be patient with us.
You can get more information about our server, website, and API at "".

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